Lithium Ion Battery

Why do customers update their older carts to Lithium Ion?

Tired of maintaining their Flooded Lead Acid batteries (FLA) and damaging their floor or cart because of acid spills from either over watering or age of batteries.

We take the hassle out of battery maintenance by suggesting a Lithium Ion Battery Upgrade. Its not the cheapest option but if you plan to own the existing cart you own for 5 years or more it definitely will change your experience when it comes to range and maintenance. Charging times are much quicker and all round it makes a lot of sense. Prices of FLA batteries over a 12 year time frame are more expensive than Lithium Ion.

We have options for our customers be offer multiple Brands but in our opinion the best we have yet to see as an aftermarket battery is Bolt Energy USA. We offer installation or kits for you to install yourself as well as financing options.

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