Key Considerations for Upgrading Your Golf Cart with Parts ‘n Carts

Are you contemplating a makeover for your golf cart or in need of replacing worn-out components? If so, before you proceed with purchasing golf cart parts, there are several crucial factors to ponder. This article will delve into the top five considerations to keep in mind before making any buying decisions.

Key Considerations for Upgrading Your Golf Cart with Parts ‘n Carts

Golf carts serve not only as convenient transportation on the golf course but also for various other purposes like running errands or commuting to work. With their diverse shapes, sizes, and features, it’s essential to carefully weigh these factors before investing in golf cart parts.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Model

Golf carts come in a myriad of configurations, meaning not all parts are universally compatible. To ensure a seamless fit and quality, sourcing from reputable suppliers is paramount. Understanding your cart’s make, model, and year is crucial to guaranteeing compatibility and optimal performance.

  1. Establish a Budget

Setting a budget is imperative to prevent overspending on unnecessary upgrades. With a plethora of enticing options available, it’s easy to exceed your financial limits without proper restraint. By delineating a budget beforehand, you can focus on acquiring essential components while avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

  1. Assess Your Requirements

Given the diverse array of golf cart variations, pinpointing your specific needs is essential for selecting the right parts. Whether it’s enhancing speed, increasing storage capacity, or improving overall performance, aligning your requirements with compatible parts ensures a tailored solution without wasteful spending.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research

Before committing to any purchases, thorough research is indispensable. With golf carts being significant investments, comparing prices, scrutinizing product descriptions, and factoring in additional costs such as shipping fees are crucial steps in making informed decisions. A well-researched approach guarantees value for money and satisfaction with your chosen parts.

  1. Consult Reviews

Lastly, perusing reviews from fellow consumers provides invaluable insights into product quality, supplier reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. Leveraging others’ experiences aids in making educated decisions and mitigating potential risks associated with purchasing golf cart parts.

By adhering to these five key considerations, you can navigate the process of upgrading your golf cart with confidence and precision. Whether you’re eyeing a modest tire replacement or a comprehensive overhaul, prioritizing these factors ensures a seamless purchasing experience tailored to your needs and budget. So, as you embark on your journey to enhance your golf cart experience, let these guidelines serve as your compass.


Club Car accessories provide the highest quality to maintain and transform whatever you drive.

The parts department has a large inventory of OEM Club Car parts that we sell or use to service our customers carts. If we do not have the OEM parts on the shelf we can drop-ship directly from Club Car to you. We also carry aftermarket parts for most golf carts and if we don’t have it on the shelf we can get it for you.

Accessories are also available to customise your golf car. Light kits, turn signals, horn, rear seat kits, lift kits, bluetooth speakers, and custom wheels are just a few of the accessories available.

Contact us if you need parts, batteries, chargers or tires, and we will be happy to help.

Club Car Parts and Accessories is excited to offer a new VersAttachTM based golf bag holder system. This innovative set of accessories features several key improvements over the current Onward golf bag holders.

Since the new golf bag holders are VersAttach based, you can add or remove the attachments by hand within a few minutes. They allow you to angle their golf bags outward, so that clubs do not interfere with the canopy when removed.

Along with the golf bag holder kit, we are launching sand bottle, cooler, and ball washer kits. All four kits can be used at one time.

The new kits are based around a VersAttach grab bar, which is required to install the bag holder and other accessories.


Part # 47632775001 

HomeLink® is a programmable transmitter for your Club Car vehicle and boasts two programmable buttons, waterproof construction, and works with 99% of garage door systems.


  • Two, easy-to-program buttons
  • Acts as a universal remote for garage doors, state/security gates, home lighting and more.
  • Works with over 99% of garage door opening systems
  • Mounts easily in dash for factory-install look
  • Conveniently replaces bulky remote transmitters
  • Rugged, waterproof construction
  • Long-life, self-contained battery

Multi-coat paint ensures a durable, best-in-class look at all times. Available in various OEM colors to personalize your Club Car.


Integrates seamlessly into existing canopies, providing comfortable hand placement for your journey.


With diamond fade stitching, this design brings automotive comfort and luxury style. Available in various color options.


New finishes and branded Club Car center caps provide an eye-catching look to go with a smooth, quiet ride.

Revamp your grille with NEW INSERTS

New Carbon Fiber Designed Grille Inserts are now available for Onward. These inserts are adhesive-based which makes them super easy for anyone to install! This is a fun way to help personalize an  Onward vehicle!

Part Number 47649254001

NEED HELP FINDING SOME THING? Contact your sales representative or contact us.


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