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We are Sun City Center’s ONLY factory authorized dealer for Club Car, MadJax X-Series and ICON EV. in Sun City Center. We distribute and service a wide range of golf cars that are used daily as transport and we try to make using them simply more fun. Parts ‘n Carts (Formerly Club Car of Sun City /Ray’s Golf Carts) is best known for its customer service, we have over 50 years of combined experience.  This business has been in the Sun City Center community under different names since 2000.


From Humble beginnings Wendy and Gordon purchased Ray’s Golf Carts from Wayne Bosch in December 2014. We were in the location for 6 weeks only to find the building we were renting had been sold. We scrambled to find a new location in Cortaro Drive where we were located for 5 years. All of our customers complained about the location because of the cart paths, when our 5 year lease was up we decided moving into the center of town was the best option for our customers. When the Chamber building went of for sale we jumped at the opportunity to purchase it allowing us to have a stable and central location for our customers.


Parts ‘n Carts was formerly known as Club Car of Sun City/Ray’s Golf Carts. Ray’s Golf Carts have been in and around the Sun City Center/Ruskin/Wimauma communities for over since 2000. Originally known as Rudy’s Golf Carts , then Ray’s Golf Carts. From our humble start as Ray’s Golf carts purchased by Wendy and Gordon in December 2014 and owned it until partnering with Ben 2017. We decided to re-brand and now is Club Car of Sun City announcing that we were the ONLY Factory Authorized Club Car dealer between Bradenton and Tampa. In 2023 we decided to take on more brands and change the name to Parts ‘n Carts. The main reason for the latest name change was to advertise the fact that we will are Sun City Center’s ONLY Factory Authorized Club Car, MadJax X-Series and ICON EV Dealer. The store has been in various locations from Wimauma to Ruskin and Sun City Center and were planning on staying put for a while.

Ben SverdlowWendy Dimmock are the owners and Gordon Dimmock (General Manager) will manage the day to day operations of the business. Our team is outstanding and always happy to help. Customer service is what has given this company such a good name and we are constantly being recommended by customers. We are not just another business in the community, we feel that being a honest and reliable part of the community is what drives customers to us regularly.

Ben Sverdlow  – Co-Owner

Ben Sverdlow’s family has been involved in the golf cart industry and is a leading expert in the world of golf carts and accessories. Ben’s family have been in the golf cart industry since the 70’s. Involved in Best practice groups and mentoring other golf cart businesses is where Ben excels. This is a passion of his and feels he can make a difference in the Sun City Center market. Bringing Ben’s extensive experience to this small business with only improve our sales/service potential.

Wendy Dimmock – Co-Owner

Wendy has been the owner of Ray’s Golf Carts since December 2014. She moved from the UK in 2014 and has a history of customer support. Wendy is always available to provide expert advice on designing your customized cart and has been responsible for most of our cart designs for the last few years.

Gordon Dimmock – General Manager

Gordon was the co-owner of Ray’s Golf Carts from December 2014. Gordon Sold his shares to Ben in February 2017 and has stayed on as the General Manager. You will see Gordon at events around town as well as picking up or delivering carts. He helps out advising in the workshop when needed and is always happy to spend a few minutes with you to discuss options about your vehicle.


Jerry is a part time member of staff and is a definite an asset to our business. He wears many hats and has made an impact on our day to day running of our business.

Jack Gordon & Wendy’s son started with us in 2021 after he completed High School. We are proud to have him onboard and he has proven to be a hard worker and gets no special treatment for being family! His skills have grown and its good to see him flourish.

Emidio (MeMe) joined us in 2022 as the new driver, he has proven to be a wonderful asset to our company, providing you quick and precise pickup or delivery service. Extremely customer focused and helps keep you running safely as soon as possible.

Chad has worked for us for a few years, he is an extremely valuable part of our team. He was previously in charge of the workshop and decided to go back to being a more technical resource to enable the workshop to be more efficient and improve our service and only works part time. Happy to have you as part of the team.

Tim joined us in 2023, he has a ton of experience and has worked for some of the biggest Golf cart companies in the US. Were glad to have him on our team to provide next level experience and guide our younger team members into becoming even better than they are now. Good to have you on board Tim!

onward curtis - About

We proud to have had our Onward used for a major brand’s advertising campaign. Curtis Industries who make the Curtis Cab’s used our first Onward sale for their current advertisement in many magazines world wide. We are proud of this and hope we stay ahead of the game with more  opportunities like this.

We are proud to represent for the following brands:

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